Deoxycholic acid is now be FDA approved for Australia and we welcome this with open arms. Deoxycholic acid has been used in the UK, US and around Europe for the past few years with amazing results.

The first injectable of its kind and is used to treat those stubborn pockets over a series of treatments generally 6 weeks apart .

When you look in the mirror what do you see? unhappy, self-conscious, embarrassed by the fat under your chin this is also known as sub-mental fullness. This fullness under the chin makes you feel older and look a lot heavier then you actually are. This can be caused from weight gain, genes or simply a stubborn pocket of fat and even though you eat well and exercise this sub-mental fullness does not go away.

​This treatment can be used for various areas of the body to dissolve unwanted fat such as:

  • Double chin
  • Knee Fat
  • Abdomen Fat
  • Back Fat

Unwanted fat has long been our enemy, but there is now hope. There is now a solution so we no longer need to hid away in embarrassment and this solution involves NO SURGERY!


Neck from $500 to $1500
Knees, Abdomen, Back $1500 to $3000
**Packages are available for multiple sessions. 1 to 4 treatments are generally recommended**

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