Rosacea, or acne rosacea, is a non-contagious skin inflammation that exclusively affects the face. The small surface blood vessels (capillaries) of the skin enlarge, giving the appearance of a permanent flush. Frequent flushing or blushing is commonly the first sign. Over time, permanent redness (erythema) may develop as the capillaries enlarge and pustules begin to form. The symptoms tend to worsen with advancing age.

​The Excel V + safely zeros in on the blood vessels that are a hallmark of Rosacea, destroying them while leaving the surrounding skin undamaged. We can treat Rosacea quite effectively, particularly stubborn little red blood vessels on the face as well as red facial lesions including birthmarks.

Most people say the treatment feels like a quick rubber band snap sensation, but a built-in cooling mechanism helps minimise any discomfort. Recovery is minimal, but there can be some redness, swelling or bruising that lasts for 24-48 hours with visible improvements noticeable in two to six weeks and final results in a few months.

Environmental factors that can trigger the rosacea blush or worsen symptoms include:

  • Hot drinks & alcohol
  • Spicy foods
  • Overexposure to sunlight
  • Emotional stress
  • Overheating, especially in bed at night


Rosacea on the face $399

Rosacea on the neck starts from: $399

**Packages are available for multiple sessions. 1 to 4 treatments are generally recommended**

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