Collagen is what makes your complexion firm, plump, and youthful. Sure, there’s other important stuff in the mix, but this protein makes up 75 to 80 percent of your dermis.

Skin with healthy levels of both collagen and elastin is not just more youthful, it’s stronger. The interesting thing about collagen is that stimulating its growth causes a domino effect. The more collagen you have, the more your body is able to produce and maintain.

Micro-pulses of laser energy are gently delivered to the skin. The laser stimulates the body’s own processes to activate collagen remodelling to improve the appearances of fine lines, wrinkles and unwanted brown spots. In addition, Laser Genesis addresses
Although the individual treatment series can be quite dramatic.

So why would you use a more invasive technique to achieve the same results? Laser Genesis is a treatment that you can have on your lunch break which has been scientifically proven to increase collagen production which firms tightens and improves skin quality.


Tightening on the face starts from $399

Tightening on the neck starts from $399

Tightening on the body, in particular the tummy and arms, prices start from $499

**Packages are available for multiple sessions. 1 to 4 treatments are generally recommended**

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